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re: links

i am compiling a list of links ,
if anyone would like to be mentioned please contact me
and I will add you to the list:

1) this is for Taran who has a radio show out of Anger , France dedicated to free jazz . check it out.

2) this is excellent for smallish video files

3) worth checking for genuine canadian they used to know me but may deny it ( well ok Mike and Alan did; sadly Margot did not)!

4) great site for what's happening NOW! ilmao....

5) THE source for improvised music ( bar mine of course)

6) if you want to buy art, incuding mine, try here first.

7) a site far too popular for its own good , miss it and u will eat poo for the rest of your life. promise

8) “We define “splotch” as the enlightened moment of inspiration each artist experiences that surpasses the conventional thought“ WELL i know i said etc. but this is good and tons of links! u don't have to believe everything I say....

9) international festivals of music, sound , technology and much much more.

10) chicagoan take on things arty!

11) free music.

12) art/music convergence.... u dont believe me , well then take a wee look.

13) more free music , including 'kill all artists' : which is a sentiment that I do not share but as an 'Idea' is cool and shocking ; which we think is pretty much ok. and but probably isn't, and but............

14) mp3's from the far out fringes of the far out, really out there!!

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here as promised

#6... yes n=FLOWER1001

#7 for those everywhere who do not

deserve their FATE. july 2005 .

#1 this is a piece called 'somewhere ' for obvious reasons

I hope u like

bless rjkiss

#2 movie: (bulb)

Quentin watch out!!!! rjkiss

#3.....this one is from ages ago BIG MOVIE (1) spot uma???????

#4 EDELWEISS ( I know u know what I mean. If u know what I mean)

recorded (live plein-air (video added later of course)) for the EAST INTERNATIONAL exhibition at NSAD in Norwich. The exhibition runs during JULY/AUGUST 2005. check for details.

#5 STAR WARS The didn't get fooled last time generation. 06/07/05

#8 yes folks May says PISS OFF!

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rjkisses work in progress

please feel free to browse at your leisure

i will try to get more stuff available as time goes on !!

it will be free of blag and other intellectual content
( unless deemed very unhelpful !)

the works will stand on their own merit or not at all!!

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Click here to buy posters!