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here as promised

#6... yes n=FLOWER1001

#7 for those everywhere who do not

deserve their FATE. july 2005 .

#1 this is a piece called 'somewhere ' for obvious reasons

I hope u like

bless rjkiss

#2 movie: (bulb)

Quentin watch out!!!! rjkiss

#3.....this one is from ages ago BIG MOVIE (1) spot uma???????

#4 EDELWEISS ( I know u know what I mean. If u know what I mean)

recorded (live plein-air (video added later of course)) for the EAST INTERNATIONAL exhibition at NSAD in Norwich. The exhibition runs during JULY/AUGUST 2005. check for details.

#5 STAR WARS The didn't get fooled last time generation. 06/07/05

#8 yes folks May says PISS OFF!


Anonymous Anonymous said... did u do that

9:39 am  

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